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Seventh International Meeting on AAA Proteins

Independent Meeting at Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, U.K., 9–13 September 2007.

(Communicated by John Mayer and Jim Lowe)

The ATPases Associated with various cellular Activities (AAA proteins) have major roles in all life forms on the planet. There have been meetings on these ATPases since 1995. The seventh meeting brought together biomedical scientists interested in many aspects of the functions of these enzymes in the life process including DNA and chromosome replication, transcription and ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation, particularly in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER).
For the first time, with the support of the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland there were several contributions showing how pathological and experimental defects in AAA proteins contribute to human disease. For example, presentations demonstrated how mutations in the p97 AAA protein, which controls ER protein degradation, results in inclusion body myositis, Paget's disease of bone and dementia. Furthermore,  regional genetic ablation of a 26S proteasomal ATPase gene in the brain recapitulates neuropathological features of Parkinson's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies.

[link to Meeting Report]

Open Scheme Sponsored Pathological Society Lecture at ISCO2008

Peter Hamilton

The International Society for Cellular Oncology (ISCO) is a long-standing organisation with a focus on translational tissue-based cancer research. In 2008, The Pathological Society kindly sponsored a keynote lecture at the ISCO2008 meeting in Amsterdam.  The selected keynote speaker was Arul Chinnaiyan, (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA) with the title "Discovery of Recurrent Gene Fusions in Prostate Cancer: A New Class of Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets".

Hosted by Walter Giarreti (Italy), Paul van Diest (The Netherlands) and Gerrit Meijer (The Netherlands) at the Free University campus in Amsterdam, ISCO2008 was very well attended with over 300 participants from around the world.  The lecture was also well attended and formed one of the main plenary sessions on Translating Basic Cancer Knowledge into Clinical Applications which was a focus of the congress.  The Pathological Society was well publicised throughout the Congress and the named lecture further highlighted the contribution the Pathological Society was making to the ISCO meeting.  The abstract booklet is attached and the Pathological Society Lecture is Abstract PL29.

The International Society for Cellular Oncology (ISCO) is keen to develop the synergy with The Pathological Society and reciprocated support at the Pathological Society meeting in Leeds, 2009, by sponsoring a dedicated ISCO satellite session on EGFR.  We look forward to cultivating this relationship at future meetings of our respective organisations.

Peter Hamilton
Treasurer, ISCO

[Link to Abstracts Book]

14th International p53 Workshop, Shanghai, China

The 14th International p53 Workshop was held at Fudan Crowne Plaza, Shanghai, China on October 27-31, 2008. This high-quality scientific conference focussed on the p53 pathway was attended by about 370 attendees from all over the world, including 320 from countries other than China. Dr Arnold J. Levine and Sir David Lane, co-discoverers of p53, pioneers and leaders in the field, gave keynote speeches at the opening session, describing their most recent research on the analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms of the p53 pathway and the role of the p53 family in zebrafish, respectively.

Their highly valued talks were inspiring to the attendees, especially younger p53 and cancer researchers. In addition, there were 70 more oral presentations and three poster sessions.

There were oral presentations by world-class p53 scientists including Robert Roeder, Alan Ferst, Carol Prive, Moshe Oren, Geoffrey Wahl, Scott Lowe, Varda Rotter, Gigi Lozano, Karen Vousden, Douglass Green, Gerald Evan, Xin Lu and by young scientists covering all aspects of p53 research, including biophysical, biochemical, cell biological, mouse genetic, human genetic, translational, clinical and drug-discovery studies. The speakers included several p53 researchers from China.

The meeting concluded on the 31st with a speech by Dr. Arnold Levine who summarized progress and discoveries presented at the meeting, but also raised important challenges in the field and predicted key questions which workers in the field need to address to move it to a new and higher level, and to translate research outcomes into benefits for human beings, especially cancer patients.

His remarks were provocative and inspiring. Overall, the meeting was enormously exciting and informative about the latest research and activity in the field of p53. This meeting was regarded by all the attendees as one of the best p53 conferences since the first workshop in UK 1983. The 15th International p53 Workshop 2010 will be in the US with Dr. Wafik El-Deiry the prime organizer of this conference. We are all looking forward to next p53 conference.

As organizers of the conference, we are grateful for financial supporter from almost three dozen sponsors from all over the world, including NCI, Roche, Pfizer, Genentech, Amgen and others. We especially acknowledge generous support from Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Scenes from the Conference

P53 Conference /1

P53 Conference
- Co-organizers of the 14th International p53 Workshop, 2008

P53 Conference

[link to Programme]

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