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General Secretary

Since the last Newsletter, the most important and significant development from my point of view has been the design and launch of the new Society website ( - why not use it as your home page?).

Many, if not most, of you will be reading this having navigated here from the new site and will no doubt have noticed that the Newsletter is now provided in electronic form. This change is significant in several respects, particularly in the increased versatility it affords us. The site itself was developed by the publications group of the Society in conjunction with i-Path Diagnostics, and I would like to thank, in particular, Sue, Lewis, Adam and Peter from i-Path for their excellent management of this process.  The website was officially launched at the Society Winter meeting at King’s College London and the new design is essentially now fixed.


New Pathsoc website

The challenge is to provide appropriate content for Society members, ensuring that the site remains up to date and relevant. Clearly, the publications group and the Society committees will play a role in achieving these aims but I would be delighted to hear members’ views on the website and would be happy to respond to any feedback (good or bad!) that you have. There is a particular need to populate the educational and research portals and ideas would be welcome.


PathXL Pathsoc Portal

Development of the new website has been a very positive experience and enhances the Society’s e-presence. It is crucial we continue to build the site as it is, and will increasingly be, a significant benefit of membership, particularly when the portals are fully developed.

From an international perspective, the Society is hosting, in conjunction with the Journal of Pathology, a symposium at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) meeting in Boston on March 7th to promote, in particular, the Annual Review Issue of the Journal which, this year, focuses on Stem cells in pathobiology and regenerative medicine. Professor Robert Weinberg will be giving the Pathological Society lecture at this event, speaking on ‘The epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cells’. This initiative has been developed in consultation with Dr Fred Silva, Executive Secretary of USCAP, who was particularly complimentary about the 2008 Annual Review Issue of the Journal when I met him last year at the USCAP meeting in Denver. These international initiatives are important not only for the Journal but also for the Society: with increasing ‘globalisation’ it is crucial that we are both visible, and visibly engaged, internationally.

Simon Herrington
General Secretary
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